Scope Of Works - Cyber Security Training

Before we can create a comprehensive cyber security training program for your staff, it’s important that we understand your organization’s specific needs, concerns, and goals related to cyber security. By asking the following questions, we can gain a better understanding of your current cyber security posture, the types of data your organization handles, and the technology or systems you use that require cyber security measures. Additionally, we want to understand your staff’s roles and responsibilities within your organization to develop a tailored training program that meets their specific needs. With this information, we can create a training plan that is effective, engaging, and helps your staff build the necessary knowledge and skills to protect your organization’s valuable data from cyber threats.

The following Information Will Help Us Understand Your Requirements

  • What motivated you to seek cyber security training for your staff?
  • How would you describe your current cyber security posture?
  • What types of data does your organization handle that could be considered sensitive or confidential?
  • Have you experienced any cyber security incidents or breaches in the past? If so, can you provide any details about them?
  • What are your regulatory or compliance requirements related to cyber security?
  • What types of technology or systems does your organization use that require cyber security measures?
  • Who are the primary users of these technologies or systems within your organization?
  • What is the size and composition of your staff?
  • Are there any specific roles or departments within your organization that require specialized cyber security training?
  • What are your training goals and desired outcomes for your staff cyber security training program?
  • What are your preferred methods of training delivery (e.g. online, classroom, blended)?
  • What is your timeline for implementing the cyber security training program?
  • What is your budget for the cyber security training program?
  • What metrics or indicators will you use to measure the success of the training program?
  • Are there any additional concerns or questions you have about implementing a cyber security training program for your staff?

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