On July 1st, 2011 started the implementation of project “Equal Employment Opportunities”, funded under Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross-border cooperation programme 2007-2013, CCI No: 2007CB16IPO008
January, 2012
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Workshop Haskovo

In hotel "Rodopi" Haskovo an information and training seminar on the project "Equal employment opportunities” was organized on 14 - 15.03.2012. The participants of the seminar were more than 30 persons: representatives of Labour office - Haskovo, vulnerable groups – long-term unemployed people, disabled, poor, young people with low education level, employees who want to improve their professional competence, representatives of small and medium enterprises, local authorities, NGOs and others. Guests at the event were also representatives of the partner organization from Edirne,Turkey - Union of Merich Municipalities.
The Project Manager Mrs. Tsvetelina Neshkova presented the project activities, objectives and the results which will be achieved in project implementation. The team of the project presented “Sociological survey in the region of Haskovo /Bulgaria/ - Edirne /Turkey/, conducted in order to identify the needs of local businesses of hiring new employees and the level of qualification of employed and unemployed”.
Mrs. Blagovesta Raycheva from Labour Office - Haskovo provided official data of the situation on the labor market in Haskovo Municipality. The results of the survey and statistics of Labour office caused a lively discussion among participants, on the one side they discussed the reasons for the growing number of unemployed and on the other side the ways and measures to deal with unemployment problems. The guests at the workshop agreed on the fact that passing through various forms of training and continuous enhancement of knowledge and skills are key elements for improvement of adaptation and the labor mobility and for general improvement of the business climate in the region.
The main focus of the seminar was the presentation of a specially developed project website -www.trainyourself.eu, electronic module for computer training - in Bulgarian and Turkish and on-line labour exchange - for search and provision of new jobs positions. The steps that have to be undertaken for registration on the website were demonstrated, the succesion of training, learning and review of lessons, etc. The participants in the seminar, supported by the team and the experts made individual registrations and passed the first lessons of the e-module. The experts presented the possibilities information of new job vacancies, business news and other useful news for users to be published on the Internet platform. The project team explained that at the end of the training course each participant will be examined in real time and will receive a certificate of acquired competences.




"This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union through the Bulgaria – Turkey IPA Cross-Border Programme. The contents of thispublication are the sole responsibility of Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI) – Haskovo branch can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union or the Managing Authority of the Programme.”