On July 1st, 2011 started the implementation of project “Equal Employment Opportunities”, funded under Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross-border cooperation programme 2007-2013, CCI No: 2007CB16IPO008
January, 2012
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On July 1st, 2011 started the implementation of project “Equal Employment Opportunities”, funded under Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross-border cooperation programme 2007-2013, CCI No: 2007CB16IPO008. The Lead organisation “Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI) – Haskovo branch /Republic of Bulgaria/ in partnership with “Union of Merich Municipalities” – Edirne, /Republic of Turkey/ will realize initiatives within 12 months to strengthen the territorial cohesion and sustainable development in the Bulgarian – Turkish cross-border region. Specific project objectives are:

  • Improvement of the qualification and adaptivity of human resources and increasing of employment possibilities;
  • Introduction of new, innovative electronic forms of vocational computer training;
  • Creation of sustainable partnerships between educational institutions, organisations of the labour market and business in the cross-border region;

Participants in the project are people from the socially vulnerable groups (long-term unemployed, disabled people, poor, etc.), youth with low educational level, employed, who would like to improve their professional competences, SMEs, labour mediators, educational institutions, local authorities, NGOs. A sociological survey will be conducted at the initial phase of the project for identification of the needs of local business in the process of hiring new employees and the level of qualification of employed and unemployed in the regions of Haskovo /Bulgaria/ - Edirne /Turkey/.
A website www.trainyourself.eu and a bilingual (Bulgarian and Turkish) e-learning module for computer training will be developed. Upon registration and receiving of personal access code to the module, everybody willing to improve their knowledge and skills in different computer applications /programs/ will be able to do it for free and at a convenient time and place.
Partner organizations will conduct workshops in Haskovo and Edirne with the participation of representatives of the target groups to promote innovative educational activities. At the end of the project, in Haskovo will be hosted the Bulgarian-Turkish Forum for establishment of cross-border partnership network between business, labor markets and firms, educational institutions and others situated in Haskovo district and Edirne Province. Establishment of a broad partnership among stakeholders, will provide and support future initiatives in human resource development and realization of the labor market. Project activities will be implemented in close partnership with regional electronic and print media to reach the widest range of users. Updated information about supply and demand of jobs, business news, contact information for SMEs, educational institutions and other stakeholders in the region will be constantly published on the developed internet platform.


"This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union through the Bulgaria – Turkey IPA Cross-Border Programme. The contents of thispublication are the sole responsibility of Alliance for regional and civil initiatives (ARCI) – Haskovo branch can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union or the Managing Authority of the Programme.”